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Justin Moorhouse
Justin Moorhouse
Jessica Fostekew
Jessica Fostekew
Mark Maier
Mark Maier
Andre Vincent
Andre Vincent

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Harrogate Theatre’s very own monthly comedy club  

Line up:

Justin Moorhouse

Justin a comedian who will tell jokes you will try desperately to remember around the coffee machine the next day. Marrying invention with nostalgia, Justin learns lessons in life purely from remembering a time when his mother split a boiled egg between six, and from linking his own life with the seven basic plots of any story.

But it's his skill at engaging with his audience which is sublime, he will banter and tease like any club comic worth his salt but he never bullies and his audience seem keen to interact with him. Justin is a true gentleman of the stage.

Jessica Fostekew
Intelligent humour and sharp, insightful stand up
Evening Standard
Intensely funny and very talented
There are plenty of comedians willing to dumb themselves down in order to
win audience approval, but that's not a game Jessica Fostekew is prepared to play...great fun, if not the sort of thing that's likely to win over fans of Paddy McGuinness
The Guardian
Comedian and dictionary pervert Jessica Fostekew returns from Edinburgh where her third solo show, Moving, enjoyed full houses and stonking 4* reviews. She also starred in the award-winning Danielle Ward's new farce 'Happy Endings' at the Pleasance.

Full of bulletproof bravado, Jess looks as if she could hold her own in the most ribald of clubs with an engaging, but brusquely no-nonsense style. Performing improvised comedy and as a comedy actress since 2005, she is currently hitting the London stand up circuit like a thunderbolt of joy.

Mark Maier
Chortle (The UK Comedy Guide) Review:

"Mark Maier is as understated as he is underrated; an experienced artisan of observational comedy who, with little fuss or hoopla, simply gets on with the task of showing how it should be done.

He makes it look effortless. It’s the sort of act that might make a hundred barstool comedians think they, too, could do it - after all, what else is he doing but talking about everyday experiences of a slightly foolish middle-aged, middle-class white man - but the gap between Maier and such chancers is yawning.

Much of his appeal is those often elusive qualities of pace and rhythm, which combine with a well-employed gift for accents to provide alluring mini-dramatisations of all the scenes he expressively but economically, describes.

Not all of his routines are particularly original. He’s not the first comedian to describe ordering fast food while incoherently drunk, for example, nor to set himself the pointlessly stupid challenge of skipping past a motorway service station despite an empty fuel tank. But few would then engage in a dialogue with the car, who happens to have a comedy French accent.

It’s such skilful, digressive delivery – at times like Eddie Izzard, but with focus – that elevate him above the crowd. "

"Cracking! Some great observational comedy blended seemlessly with incidental stuff that the appreciateive crowd threw in along the way. A must see!"
Dave Rottweiler, April 2008


Andre Vincent

He possesses the energy of Lee Evans with the improvisational Skills of Paul Merton and is one of the best comedians in the business.
The Times

Ferociously funny
The Sunday Times
Honesty and truth (and funny lines) are comedy essentials and fortunately Vincent has come more than prepared. Physically and vocally reminiscent of Phill Jupitus, this corpulent comic is an utterly welcoming presence, lacing his blokeish jollity with welcome shots of rage and giggling incomprehension. He immediately puts the audience at ease, discussing his 'little issue' in an entirely matter-of-fact yet utterly compelling manner, he manages to hone in on the absurdity of each situation, while retaining an impressively level-headed perspective.
André Vincent is one of those rare entertainers who does it all. Comedian, actor, writer, director, presenter, singer, circus boy…a born show-off.  
This lay-by on the information super highway hopes to explain why he has spent his life facing the opposite direction to everyone else in the room.


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