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Please note: this show has changed its date from previously advertised

Winner: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2013
Co-commissioned by Southbank Centre and supported by Arts Council England.

Running time between approximately 75 and 90 minutes.

Nathan Penlington, writer, performer and self-confessed obsessive, discovered a long-forgotten diary that once belonged to a lonely teenager – Terence Prendergast. It takes Nathan on a roller coaster quest to find Terence and attempt to unravel the mystery of the diary’s pages . Teamed with three filmmakers, all the panic-stricken moments that come, when a shy, awkward man is thrust into bizarre situations, have been captured. Nathan never asked for this mission,but he knows he must fulfill it.

The audience guide the quirkily-engaging Penlington through gripping documentary footage - from a hilarious stakeout of a house in Birmingham to uncomfortable advice from a psychic, to a date with thelove of his 13 year-old life, via their remote controls; all the while conducted by Nathan through a mixture of stand-up and storytelling full of unexpected twists and turns.

Nathan's quest was inspired by his love of 1980's phenomenon ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, which both he and the now grown-up Terence,spent their lonely teenage years reading. Finding the diary begins anew adventure... but this adventure is now real life. The question is,can you help Nathan find the boy in the book?

By using keypads to vote, every twist and turn is in your hands. With over 1500 paths and multiple endings where will the story lead? Who can help you discover the truth behind the diary’s pages and the identity of its mysterious writer? You decide.

As every member of the audience will receive a voting keypad the capacity for this show is limited.

'There are 1,566 versions of this show, Nathan Penlington tells us — and if the other 1,565 are half as good as the one I saw then I suggest strongly that you track one down. Penlington is a 36-year-old writer and performer whose gawky charm and dark-casual dress sense hints at his background as a boy magician. Here, he’s delving into another childhood obsession, Choose Your Own Adventure books' The Times

'A deeply moving testimony to the small choices we all make in our lives and the profound effects they can have'
The Scotsman

'Ultimately a love letter to the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books and a directive to live actively and make choices' The New York Times

'Funny, heart-warming, and utterly bizarre' We Heart

'A uniquely immersive and human experience' Evnt

'The X Factor of the documentary medium' Exeunt Magazine

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16 May 2014 7.30pm Stalls Only

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