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Part of 2's Company
A mini-festival of theatre adventures awaits you...

For the second year running Harrogate Theatre is hosting a unique festival, which allows you to get up close and personal to the show and performers. Don’t be scared, dive in and get involved. Indulge your curiosity with a host of playful experiences you will never forget. Where will your adventures take you…?

Running time 1 hour 15 mins approx
Presented by Hannah Jane Walker
Devised with Chris Thorpe
Hannah Jane Walker is a serial apologist.
Saying sorry is conversational ellipsis.                                         
Saying sorry is social glue.                                                                   
We use it to make people like us.                                
But what if you want to apologise and mean it
This Is Just To Say
is about Britishness, politics, religion and family
This Is Just To Say
is a conversation about hope, love and winning
This Is Just To Say
is live art, performance poetry and extremely good company
An intimate piece for 15 people set around a table.
“Enchanting, sarcastic, moving; things we all want to hear and forget to think.”
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07 June 2013 8.30pm Last Few Tickets Remaining
08 June 2013 6.30pm Single Seats Only
08 June 2013 8.30pm Last Few Tickets Remaining

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Venue : Harrogate Theatre
Auditorium : Harrogate Studio Theatre
Company : Hannah Jane Walker
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