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Buy Tickets How to Be Immortal

Presented by Penny Dreadful Productions
Written by Mira Dovreni

Rosa’s fallen in love with Mick the decorator. She plays the cello, he plays the squeezebox – an unlikely combination but they sound great together. Trouble is she’s pregnant and he’s about to die.

Henrietta Lacks died in West Virginia in 1951, but her cells are still alive, dividing endlessly in laboratories all over the world. It’s taken Deborah years to come to terms with her mother’s death. Now she’s got to deal with her immortality.

If we didn’t have bodies would we live forever? Its 1950 and Doctor George Gey and his wife Margaret are about to make a mind-bending discovery using homemade apparatus and some calves liver puree. All they need is the right biopsy…

Love, death, and science all intertwine in these twisted true tales about immortality. With live music on cello, squeezebox and ukulele, nano-puppetry, 1950s experiments, and a piece of music written from a DNA code How to be Immortal is a completely original new play about what death does to us - and the weird and sometimes wonderful ways we try to hold onto the people we’ve lost.

“Sometimes people fade with time, like the smell on a shirt. Sometimes they stay forever”

Creative Team

Director: Kirsty Housley
Designer: Angela Simpson
Lighting Designer: Matt Haskins
Music & Sound Design: Barnaby Race
Animation Artist: Gemma Burditt

Created with the cast:
Clare Perkins, Anna Helena Mclean & John Mckeever

Scientific Consultants:
Ana Gutierrez-del-Arryo, Gareth Ackland & Duncan Wilson

Running Time: approx 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

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13 February 2014 7.45pm Tickets Available

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