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Daniel has sold millions of his recordings worldwide and is the only artist in the world to claim at least one hit album every year since 1988, earning him a place in the Guinness World Records. His music DVDs have all been No 1 best-sellers ahead of some of the greatest stars from around the globe. He is the most successful easy listening-country singer in the UK and Ireland; and is officially one of the UK’s Top 60 Best Selling Albums Artists of the 21st Century.

Despite being in his third decade as an entertainer, Daniel has never lost his passion for performing and he has retained his teenage fascination with the charts. “I still get a thrill out of being in the charts,” he says. “It’s something I’ll never grow tired of and hope I never will. To be able to make a living in life doing something you love is a real blessing.”

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10 October 2013 7.30pm Tickets Available

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Block A,B,C,D,E,F and G
Front rows Blocks H and M (first 4 rows)
Front Rows Blocks J and L (first 6 rows)
Block K (front 8 rows)

Rear Block H and M
Rear Block J and L
Rear Block K

Wheelchairs spaces available through the Box Office only.

Seats for the front 3 blocks are available through the Box Office only. Amount of seats per customer are restricted for those in the front 3 blocks.  If want seats in this area you will have to call the box office on 01423 502116 or call in to book. Seats in this area are restricted in numbers.

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