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Buy Tickets Poetry Course - Shakespeare's Themes

10 weekly courses from 2pm to 3.30pm.

The course will continue to use Shakespeare’s plays as a starting point for the exploration of themes that inspired poets from Chaucer to the present day.

Initially we shall conclude the reading of “Coriolanus” and continue to read poems which treat the issues of nature and nurture, parent/child relationships. The play also raises questions about politics, power and leadership, and we shall look for poems which have cast a satirical eye on these matters. This will then link with a reading of Shakespeare’s “ Troilus and Cressida” and it’s jaundiced presentation of the great themes of romance and heroism.


With the inevitable public focus on the centenary of the 1914 conflict, it seems appropriate to look at the poetry of the 1st. World War, avoiding perhaps the most familiar examples.


Finally, I should like to return to poems of the Romantic period, in which the themes of nature and nurture, love and heroism, were untouched by cynicism.


As before, a copy of the two plays will be required, as well as the willingness to offer personal contributions from course members’ own reading – and writing!


The course will run on Monday afternoons, 2 – 3.30 pm., at Harrogate Theatre for 10 weeks , at a cost of £50 for the course (including tea/coffee), starting on Monday 13th. January.  Newcomers are very welcome, you don’t need to have attended previous courses to enjoy this one.


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13 January 2014 2pm Contact Box Office

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£50 for a ten week course (includes Tea/Coffee)


Venue : Harrogate Theatre Circle Bar
Auditorium : Harrogate Theatre Circle Bar

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