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Part of the Release the Hounds Festival
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Presented by Third Angel

The Lad Lit project is a solo performance devised and performed by co-artistic director Alexander Kelly. In form it will explore the territory between (accessible) live art and theatre with Third Angel’s trademark conversational, engaging performance style and (sometimes dark) humour, that some feel has as much in common with observational comedy as theatre. The show has an intimate feel, with the performer close to the audience, encouraging them to join him in his investigation.

This is the story of (delete as appropriate)

Men/blokes/lads/mates/chaps/fellas, of how they managed to get this far and what happened along the way for them to become (delete as appropriate) lovers/brothers/respected/successful/hated/arrogant/chubby.

The Lad Lit project is a playful, thoughtful exploration of the way that men make sense of the world and their place in it, told in the minute detail of life that just couldn’t be invented and will have you (delete as appropriate)

“The women in the audience were as entranced by the list of ‘what men do’ as the men were squirming.” Yorkshire Post

"The theatrical equivalent of a night down the pub with an amiable, bantering mate.” Yorkshire Post

Running time: 70mins

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15 September 2013 7.30pm Tickets Available

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Tickets £10
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Venue : Frazer Theatre, Knaresborough
Auditorium : Frazer Theatre, Knaresborough

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