Physical Building Access

We acknowledge and regret that as a building we fall short on general physical accessibility. There are 44 steps to our Studio Theatre space and no current method to avoid stepped access to certain spaces within the building.

Physical access at Harrogate Theatre is an ongoing, complex, and frustrating issue for our team and one that is shrouded in significant financial challenge. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to work to evolve and improve the situation for the benefit of everyone in our community.

Download the statement on Physical Building Access.

Wheelchair Users - Level access is possible to the Theatre Foyer and Box Office from Oxford Street. Access to the Stalls seating area of the auditorium, the Stalls Bar, and an accessible toilet is via Cheltenham Parade. There are four wheelchair spaces in the rear of the Stalls and all spaces are next to or behind a seat for your companion.

Steps and Stairs - There are many steps and stairs in Harrogate Theatre, and level access is only possible as described above. There is a minimum of 11 steps between the Foyer and the Stalls, 21 stairs between the Foyer and the Circle landing and the Circle Bar, and 23 stairs between the Circle landing and the Studio landing. There are 25 steps between the Studio landing and the Balcony seating area. Each staircase has at least one handrail.

Comfort Seats - A limited number of comfort seats are available at Harrogate Theatre in the main auditorium. Please call box office for more information.

Toilets - There is a wheelchair accessible toilet adjacent to the Stalls Seating Area and close to the Stalls Bar. Other toilets are available adjacent to the Stalls Bar, and on the 1st floor Circle level.

Bars - Both the Stalls Bar (located on the ground floor) and Circle Bar (located on the first floor) are open one hour prior to a performance serving pre-show and interval drinks. We can assist patrons in the bars or bring you drinks in the Auditoriums.

Studio Theatre - The Studio Theatre is located on the 2nd floor and is accessible by climbing 44 stairs in two flights with a handrail on one side only. Studio seating is generally unreserved so please mention your access requirements when making your booking.

Parking - There is reserved Blue Badge parking for three cars adjacent to Harrogate Theatre on Cheltenham Parade. Other street parking nearby is metered and resident zone controlled. The Jubilee Car Park on Cheltenham Road is just a five minute walk from Harrogate Theatre. The Jubilee Car Park closes at 10pm weekdays.

Discounted Ticket Prices - Please ask for full details when you book your tickets. Every disabled person is entitled to a free carer ticket.

Requests, Comments & Suggestions - We are keen to improve accessibility and facilities for all patrons and will do our best to accommodate any special requests that you might have. If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions please email or call the theatre Box Office on 01423 502 116.

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