Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome people with a learning disability, Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Condition or sensory and communication difficulties.

Small technical changes are made to reduce anxiety and allow people who might otherwise feel excluded the chance to experience live theatre. During the performance there is a relaxed attitude to noise. The lights in the auditorium remain on low throughout the show, sudden loud noises and special effects are softened and audience members are free to leave and re-enter the auditorium at any point. We also have additional staff on hand to assist with seating and access around the theatre and there will be a space made available for audience members where they can relax should they need to leave the auditorium during the performance. There will also be a live feed from the auditorium relayed to our bars so patrons can still enjoy the show without needing to stay in the auditorium.

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