Harrogate Theatre Pantomime

This year Harrogate Theatre's Pantomime is Cinderella. Find out more and how to book here

The Pantomime Timeline

Every year the whole Harrogate Theatre team work hard to produce (what we think is) the best pantomime in the land! Chief Executive, David Bown and Associate Director Phil Lowe work together to write the script. Phil begins talks early with our designer Morgan Brind about how the set and costumes will look. Morgan works closely with our Production Manager Richard Bielby to direct the construction of the set and costumes. Around April we have what is called a White Card meeting, where the designer shows all the staff what the set will look like and how it will move, using a white card model box.


David and Phil along with the rest of the artistic team work hard on the casting, getting the right people in to fill the roles. Then the summer kicks in and our Wardrobe Supervisor Nicola Downing will be up in the attic stitching and ironing all day long to make the fabulous costumes you will see on stage. Uncle Nick, our Musical Director will be working on the music, in close collabortaion with Phil. We reach out to young local dancers to audition to be in the pantomime. All staff gather together and read through the script, so the writers can hear what works and what doesn't. Then we have the final model box meeting, where the designer brings a full colour model in of each set so we can see what it will look like and how it will move, our lighting designer will be at this meeting and from here she'll work out a plan of how the lights will move and add to the show.


Then before we all know it it's the end of October and the rehearsals start! The cast and crew spend a full month prepping for the show to start. The set is built on the stage and the dancers and cast rehearse together up in the studio. Our stage management team write a book full of what happens during the show, so they can prompt everyone on time during each show. Then the technical and dress reheasals start. And the following week the pantomime opens to it's very first crowd! 



undefinedOur pantomime is sponsored by Hornbeam Park

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