HT Rep

HT Rep is back in 2021!

Men of the World
By John Godber

Preparing for a mystery trip to Scarborough Stick, Larry and Frank, a trio of northern coach drivers, take a trip down memory lane. Hop aboard Men of the World, a John Godber classic bursting with compassion, nostalgia and humour.

Abigail’s Party
By Mike Leigh

Fancy joining us for a few drinks at Beverley and Lawrence’s house?

They’ve invited the new neighbours round, and divorced Sue from down the street is coming along while her teenage daughter Abigail has a bit of a birthday party at home. Bev is ready to dance the night away, and Lawrence is ready to drink it away.

Abigail’s Party is a funny and nostalgic look back at the trials, tribulations and aspirations of married life in the seventies. Written by BAFTA Award Winner Mike Leigh in collaboration with the original cast, Abigail’s Party was a roaring sensation when it first aired on the BBC in 1977.  

By Patrick Hamilton

It’s London in 1880. Bella Manningham is well off with a nice home and servants - yet she’s lonely. She lives far from her family with her husband, Jack, who is stern and overbearing.  Strange things keep happening, too. Things keep going missing and then turning up again, and Bella thinks she’s hearing noises. Or is she? Before long she feels she may be losing her mind.

Gaslight is a psychological thriller so well known, it gave rise to the term ‘gaslighting’ used today in British law.

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