Supported Artists & partners

Our 2020-2021 HT Supported Artists Are:

Levantes Dance - Audition

Audition is a combination of contemporary circus, dance-theatre, fierce acrobatics and stunning visuals created and performed by an intergenerational and international team (aged from 25 to 70 years old) plus an over 60’s group.

Forget About The Dog - Happy Place

This show takes characters’ everyday challenges and places them under the microscope, visualising the inner working of people’s minds. Surviving the Modern World reflects on mental health issues that are triggered by the consistent pressures of day-to-day life and society’s approach to happiness.

Simon Brewis & Dick Bonham in association with Little Mighty - The Ghost of Stolen Summer

Inspired by people with real-life experience of social isolation, the show’s central theme explores the rebuilding of identity and self-esteem when physical health fails.

Research for the show came from the team’s community engagement project “The Lonely Society” which looked at the impact of social isolation on mental health.

King Brilliant - Chlorine

Chlorine follows a young couple drowning in grief as they try to come to terms with the death of a child, and what society expects of them based on their genders. King Brilliant consists of performers and creatives from working class backgrounds and they target audiences who wouldn't otherwise engage with theatre.

Artists we have supported recently include:

1927 Productions , Adam Robinson and The Book of Darkness & LightBlack Toffee TheatreDaniel ByeEamonn Fleming Fidget TheatreLaura MugridgeOdd DollThunder Road TheatreJack DeanMaya ProductionsMichael SabbatonRachael HalliwellSquare Peg Theatre and Tom Adams.


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