Harrogate Youth Playwrights

“Most writers sit in darkened rooms, pouring over sentence structure and the use of commas.  Not so for Harrogate Youth Playwrights, who are a chatty, engaged bunch of scribblers.  Each week I bring a new writing exercise and, after a good 10 minutes of free writing, we get down to looking at characters, scenes and stakes. They enjoy sharing ideas, reading each other’s work and generally getting stuck into something new.”  Henry Raby, Harrogate Youth Playwrights tutor

Harrogate Youth Playwrights explores different techniques and exercises for writing plays. We ask questions such as what gives us inspiration, how can you structure a play and how do you create characters?  It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding playwright, or have never thought about writing before, these workshops are fun, energetic and full of fresh ideas.

Harrogate Youth Playwrights is led by Henry Raby, a writer, poet, play-wright and theatre-maker.  As a poet, he has performed at festivals and toured the country performing anarchic and honest spoken word about growing up, politics and friendship. For Harrogate Youth Theatre, he has written Who Shot The Sheriff, Hang On Just A Minute and an adaption of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As a playwright he has also written work for York Theatre Royal, Darlington Civic Theatre and Hull Truck’s Youth Theatre. 

Harrogate Youth Playwrights is run on a project by project basis. Each project lasts approximately 10 weeks. Our workshops are based at Hive, our dedicated education space above Leeds Building Society on Oxford Street. Please note that access around Hive is by stairs and there is not a lift.


£70 per project (concessionary rates are available for families on family tax credits, job seekers allowance etc.) Places are limited and are allocated on a first come-first served basis.

To register your interest in joining Harrogate Youth Playwrights or any of our Hive workshops, download the expression of interest form here.

During the Autumn 2018 term Harrogate Youth Playwrights were challenged to write a monologue. These monologues were then recorded by actors so the playwrights could hear their work come to life - click on each of the three images below to hear the great work they all did! 




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