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June 3, 2024

It’s Volunteers’ Week!

This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week. We want to say a massive thank you to our wonderful team of ushers – all of whom are volunteers and form a crucial part of Team HT. Without them we simply couldn’t exist!

We’ve asked some of our brilliant ushers to talk about their experiences volunteering at Harrogate Theatre. This is what they had to say…


“I started volunteering as an usher a few years before I retired from the RAF in 1997.  I like to feel part of the usher team and really enjoy helping to make our theatre work. I’ve always liked working in a team and the buzz that comes from being part of a team that is working well together. I think by volunteering I can give something back to the theatre and to the town – and I get a lot back in return in my involvement with something that I love.

My favourite time in the theatre is during our annual pantomime. There is such a buzz about the place and I think our contribution as an usher team is crucial to its success.

Finally, I think we are lucky to be so well supported by Caroline and Ash. As my second career was as a senior manager in a major UK charity, I can assure you that not all volunteers are as well supported in their volunteering as we are.”


“Volunteering at the theatre enriches my life.  Working alongside great people, experiencing great shows and seeing performances which have surprised me.  Interacting with the audiences, every event is different, makes it all a great thing to be involved with.”


“I love volunteering at the theatre because all the staff are such a friendly group of people to work with. They are very appreciative of the time volunteers put in AND we get to see some great productions, of so many different types! You can’t beat live theatre!”


“I have been involved with Harrogate Theatre since 2000, starting with an Amateur Operatics group, which led to me working behind the bar and Duty Managing and finally now as a volunteer usher. Giving my time to help the theatre after how much happiness it has given me over the years, is a delight. Harrogate Theatre is like home.”

Julie & Greg

“Ushering is the best thing we ever signed up to. Being part of the theatre family and experiencing the audiences enjoying the show is magical!”


“When I volunteer at the theatre I feel involved in something completely enjoyable. Patrons are in good spirits and that creates a lighthearted and happy atmosphere. The volunteer tasks are varied as are the performances which makes the experience very special. There’s no pressure to undertake tasks that make you feel uncomfortable and you are supported in anything you do by house managers or other experienced volunteers. I hope to carry on as long as I am able.”


“Volunteering with Harrogate Theatre is simply wonderful. Such a great, enthusiastic and above all caring team that put the audience experience first. You feel part of a family and want to volunteer more!  Thank you to one and all at Harrogate Theatre!”


“I love being a volunteer usher. I enjoy being part of the whole process of helping people and feeling their enjoyment.”


“I feel that I part of a caring family team helping, in a very small way, to keep our vibrant, historic theatre thriving for our community to enjoy and benefit from.  I also get to see some brilliant and diverse shows!”


“I have been a volunteer usher for quite a few years now, I enjoy everything about it, the variety of shows we cover, the gratitude of the public when they see we are volunteers, meeting so many interesting people. I introduced my husband Grant and daughter Samantha and her husband Adam to ushering and we are all delighted and very grateful to be part of Harrogate Theatre’s ushering family. We are proud to wear our lanyard and are delighted to see so many people enjoying our wonderful theatre and other venues in the town.”

Adrian & Janet

“Ushering for Harrogate Theatre is a wonderful thing to do for the community. You meet some lovely people, we really do love it, it’s great!”


“I have been a volunteer usher for less a than a year and it has been truly great. I love the camaraderie, the way we are looked after by the HT team and the fact I am contributing to events in three wonderful venues, giving something back to the Arts and to Harrogate. Volunteering is about taking responsibility and acting professionally and courteously to members of the public. You walk away at the end of a night feeling a tremendous sense of satisfaction and reward. It’s such a privilege.”


“I volunteer because through the Theatre I can give back to the community.  Theatre people are nice and friendly with an inclusive attitude, young or old are welcomed.  Being an usher keeps me lively and involved and appreciated.  What’s not to like?”


“I enjoy volunteering at the theatre because it is thrilling, uplifting to participate in and enhances the experience of people enjoying themselves in the theatre environment, either for the first time or as seasoned regulars.”


“I am in my 25th year as a volunteer I really enjoy helping and the company of other volunteers of course I enjoy watching the diverse programmes on stage particularly the pantomime.”


“I am always striving to make the theatre experience the best it can be for every audience member. Each show has a mixture of old and new questions which keeps me alert. Being part of an enthusiastic team of volunteers led by experienced managers is a great feeling. No wonder there is a waiting list!”

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