Our Spring/Summer 2017 studio round up

The intimate Studio Theatre is situated on the third floor at the top of Harrogate Theatre. A versatile space, it offers a programme of diverse, experimental and often brand new work by some of the best emerging and mid-career artists.

Reputed as being host to ‘unique, thought provoking and memorable shows’ we’ve got many delights in store for the spring/ summer 2017 season.

This April we bring you children’s show WOW! Said The Owl, the acclaimed children’s book by award winning author Tim Hopgood, brought to life through a blend of beautiful story-telling, puppetry and music. Here for three days, 20-22 April.

Following that, The Invisible Man (27 April – 6 May) is presented by Thunder Road Theatre and Harrogate Theatre. Based on the novel by HG Wells, this gripping new production explores Wells' themes of identity, self-esteem, betrayal, and madness. Wells prophetic tale of a scientist destroyed by his astonishing discovery has captivated imaginations for 120 years.

On 8 May the studio will be home to a grand tour of boundary smashing European performance in one exhilarating night. The Best of BE FESTIVAL will include three exceptional shows from Italy, Germany & Switzerland each lasting 30 minutes. BE FESTIVAL shakes up the idea of conventional theatre by crossing borders, disciplines and blurring traditional boundaries between audience and artist through a mix of dance, theatre and performance art. Pay an extra £5 and get supper and a drink to eat in the company of the artists and fellow audience members.

Syria has descended into chaos and Aleppo is besieged. Salah and Aisha have lost control of their lives, plunging headlong into an uncertain future. Spring Reign (12-13 May) is a story from the Syrian conflict. Hoping to raise awareness of the UK registered charity, Syria Relief it is based on real-life accounts collected from Syrian refugees, aid workers, activists, and journalists - featuring live performance, video, original music performed by Chris Davies, and frontline photography by Musa Chowdhury.

For two nights (19 & 20 May), Life By The Throat will tell the story of one man’s life from birth to death - written and performed by a woman; former Coronation Street actor turned award-winning writing/performer, Eve Steele. Part of our theatre club series; join us after the performance for a free drink and a chat about the show.

Join us for the world premiere of Hopeless Romantics. (23-27 May) A collaboration between Harrogate Theatre and Reform theatre in association with Middlesbrough Theatre. In an age of internet dating and Tinder, isn’t it easier to find someone these days? Alan doesn’t think so. So when his parents invite the family together, Al does something reckless – he asks Zoe from work, to pose as his girlfriend. Will it be the start of a beautiful friendship or the end of the world as they know it?

Following that we have a mini festival of contemporary dance theatre which includes the following shows:

What If I Told You (1 June) carefully balances dance and theatre immersing us in Pauline’s world where people make assumptions about her based on her gender, background and race. Expectations which she defies.

A Matter of Impression (2 June) starts with a curtain raiser performed by students from St John's Fishers school in Harrogate. The evening includes a new piece by acclaimed choreographer Luca Silvestrini who brings his trademark comedic style to the stage creating a thrilling combination of dynamic, virtuosic physical theatre with a humorous spin on life.

The next series of shows explores the mechanics of the mind with an honest, personal and playful approach which is often comical.

If in the mood for some quirky and outrageous dance theatre, Rhiannon Faith Scary Sh*t (3 June) is a show about friendship, being a women and asking for help. A courageous experiment where two young women attend therapy to learn about themselves, the world and imagine a future without fear.

Elephant & Castle (7 June) is a new, experimental show from Harrogate Theatre associate Tom Adams and Lillian Henley that springs from three years of recorded sleep talk exploring how honest it’s possible to be and have your relationship survive. Using live music and extracts from those recordings it becomes tender, funny, uncomfortable and dark.

Join us for a night of laughing in the face of fear and playing games with the things that really scare us in Something Terrible Might Happen. This part theatre, part stand-up, part childish prank, is here 8 June. Part of our theatre club series, join us after the performance for a free drink and a chat about the show.

On 9 June we have a show about a vivid memory that was all made up. Eamonn Fleming in association with LittleMighty presents Confabulation which stumbles through the amazing world of Memory Palaces, False Memories and Werther’s Originals. A funny and startling show about not being able to trust a single thing you remember about your past.

Finally, Declaration (10 June) includes autobiographical comedy, storytelling and conversations with audiences. A curious, colourful and candid exploration of ADHD, Diagnosis and Mental Health. Described as beautiful and poignant, this 5* show includes a ‘wellbeing room’, a quiet, safe space for audiences with biscuits, brews and colouring provided by a trained Mental Health worker.