MIND'S EYE - 4 nights exploring the mechanics of the mind

Harrogate Theatre’s Studio presents the Mind’s Eye Series this June. Over four nights this exciting dramatic festival explores the mechanics of the mind. None of the shows have characters; the actors are not actors, they are themselves and these stories happened to them. The four exciting documentary style performances focus on the truth of the inner workings of the psyche.

Harrogate Theatre associate artist, Tom Adams, has collaborated with 1927’s Golem composer, Lillian Henley, to create Elephant & Castle. For the last two years, Tom has been recording himself sleep. Tom sleep talks, sleep walks, grinds his teeth and his wife Lillian has to calm him down. The immensely talented couple have collaborated to make this excellent autobiographical gig-theatre production. An audience member said “Elephant & Castle is intriguing, surprising and very, very funny!”

Do you ever think that we’re a bit too scared of that “what if?” Well, that what if might just happen, in fact Something Terrible Might Happen and this show has been written so that you can laugh right in it’s face. Come along for a night of X-rated absurd comedy exploring everyday fears.

Heavy metal lover Eamonn Flemming tells us about that time he went to see Motorhead in 1980, or did he? Confabulation is the process of creating imaginary memories and wholeheartedly believing them. Eamonn is an experienced storyteller, with over 20 years as an actor, he sure knows his way around a story; so let him entertain you with his peculiarities of the memory.

Art with Heart returns to Harrogate with Declaration, a joyful and genuine autobiographical performance by Sarah Emmott. Sarah’s had ADHD all her life, but she has only been associated with those letters more recently, this show is about her life and the affect ADHD has had on her throughout. Sarah was shortlisted for 'Best Actress in a Studio Production' at the Manchester Theatre Awards for her performance in Declaration.

Elephant & Castle: Wed 7th June, 7:45pm, tickets £12/£10

Something Terrible Might Happen: Thur 8 June, 7:45pm, tickets £12/£10

Confabulation: Fri 9 June, 7:45pm, tickets £12/£10

Declaration: Sat 10 June, 7:45pm, tickets £12/£10


Book 2 shows for £20 or 3+ shows for £8 a ticket