Harrogate Theatre hosts monthly live local music showcase

Circle Live is a monthly live music showcase in Harrogate Theatre’s Circle Bar. The thinking behind this initiative – which began in 2015 - is that it’s great way for Harrogate Theatre to support local musicians whilst inviting people to spend some downtime enjoying the stunning 118-year-old theatre building.

Over the years Harrogate Theatre has been open to the public in various ways and guises. There are times when the bar was open outside of show times, and even food was served. In its day, The Stalls Bar was a beacon for bands and live music lovers. Today however, due to a number of reasons including the loss of a kitchen facility plus operational and financial limitations, the bars tend to only open for pre-show and interval drinks.

This is undoubtedly a waste – Harrogate Theatre has sat at the heart of the town since 1900 and it retains many of the original features and quirks it was built with. The aim of Circle Live – and a number of other similar initiatives in the pipeline – is to throw open those doors once again and connect with the local community beyond the realms of ‘seeing a show’. Circle Live is a free entry, non-ticketed event, and everyone is invited to pop in post-shopping or pre-evening out and enjoy a coffee or a few locally produced beers at their leisure.

The live music scene in Harrogate is vibrant and punches well above its weight, with the likes of The Den, Montey’s, The Blues Bar, and so many others hosting regular sessions. What’s more Harrogate Theatre programmes a range of incredible original artists, tributes and musicals as ticketed events across the town every year. However, Circle Live is different. This is a spotlight on some of the very best lesser-known home-grown talent in one of Harrogate’s oldest and most stunning spaces; this is an opportunity for local musicians to perform in one of the town’s leading live entertainment venues; and this is about Harrogate Theatre throwing open its arms and saying to the local community ‘come inside and enjoy your theatre’ without any barriers at all.

Circle Live takes place on a Saturday roughly once a month between 4-6pm. Upcoming dates are 14th April, 2nd June, 7th July. See Facebook for line-ups.