Are you a fan of QI, Have I Got News For You or the occasional TED Talk? Do you have an inquisitive and curious mind? Then join Sony award winning Radio 3 and Radio 4 presenter David Bramwell as he explores some of the strangest stories of our modern age. Based on his best selling book. 

Why is Prince Philip worshipped as a volcano god in Melanesia?

What is the mysterious hum that began in Bristol and now plagues thousands of people across the world? Could it really be caused by farting fish?

What are the ghostly number stations that have been transmitting coded messages across out airwaves for 6 decades?

Why do human feet keep washing up on a beach in British Columbia?

Why are a million Japanese people unable to leave their bedrooms?

Who is the mysterious Toynbee Tiler who embedded the message Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter in over 600 linoleum tiles across North and South America?

Utilising slides, audio and film clips, Bramwell also delves into the story of Operation Mindfuck, a bizarre counterculture mind experiment that just might be responsible for our post-truth age of fake news. The show ends with the solving of a 30 year old riddle involving the world's worst orchestra, Brian Eno and The Albert Hall.

In Bramwell's guiding hands The Mysterium will leave you entertained and reeling in the knowledge that the world is just as mysterious today as it was to our ancestors thousands of years ago. 

"Books, podcasts, radio, performing and music are my work and passions. I've made programmes for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and – together with producer Sara-Jane Hall – won a Sony Award for BBC Radio 3's The Haunted Moustache. I give talks and perform one-man shows on subjects from the trickster to ghost villages. I make podcasts for The Canal and River Trust and The Odditorium; have written a number of books – including The No. 9 Bus to Utopia and The Haunted Moustache – and released six albums with the band Oddfellow's Casino.  A friend once described me as 'a one-man cottage industry'. I kind of like that." David Bramwell 


You can see The Mysterium, FRI 26 OCT at Harrogate Theatre. £12/£10. Call our box office on 01423 502116 or book online here.