10 years on since Heroin(e) for Breakfast took Edinburgh by storm the show is back and having just as a successful run as before. We’re thrilled to be bringing the show back to Harrogate after it’s run.

We caught up with Lee Bainbridge from King Brilliant Theatre to chat a bit about Heroin(e) for Breakfast, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his previous connections with Harrogate Theatre.

Thanks for chatting with us Lee! First up, you’re up in Edinburgh at the moment, how’s that going?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is going very well for the company and the show. We have had fantastic support from our producer Richard Jordan and our venue, The Pleasance. We’ve been lucky to have great audiences and great reviews. The Edinburgh Fringe is such an exciting festival to be part of and we are very thankful to be here performing the play. We are just sad we have to come home, but at least we have our run at Harrogate to look forward to!

How has the show changed since it was first performed 10 years ago? And why is now the right time to do it again…

The play seems to have picked up where it left off. Enchanting and enraging audiences in equal measure. Receiving fantastic reviews and big audiences, it seems people want Heroin(e) more than ever. 

The sad thing is that the play seems even more relevant now. The UK (and the rest of the world for that matter) is in a far worse place then it was ten years ago. Especially for the less privileged amongst us. It felt right doing it now. 

Tell us a little bit about the company and creative team?

King Brilliant was founded in the summer of 2018 as a positive platform for working class actors within the theatre industry. King Brilliant want to engage with communities and young people in a language they understand. It’s aim was to create a theatre company that nurtured and supported working class artists. 

Chuck in the award winning working class writer Philip Stokes, a producer who champions working class theatre in Richard Jordan, the technical genius that is Craig Lomas and the working class actor and company manager Kirsty Green and you have yourself a theatre company. 

What are your connections with Harrogate and the local area? 

I have strong ties with Harrogate and the Theatre. I have performed at Harrogate Theatre numerous times with numerous companies including Reform Theatre Company and 412 Dance Theatre, and even in David Bown’s play Loaded in Harrogate in 2016.

Harrogate feels like a second home to me, and I am delighted to putting King Brilliants first production on at the theatre. Porl Cooper (Associate Producer at Harrogate Theatre) and all the Harrogate team have been very welcoming and supportive.

We can’t wait to perform it for Harrogate audiences!

Heroin(e) for Breakfast runs in our Studio from Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st September.