Education at Harrogate Theatre

The new term has begun for our Education team and the young people we work with here at Harrogate Theatre.

Harrogate Theatre offers a range of weekly term-time creative classes for young people from aged 3 to 18. We are also an official Arts Award venue, which means through our classes we enable young people to achieve an Arts Award; a national qualification designed to develop creative and leadership talents.

Last summer a grand total of 56 young people passed their Arts Award with us. This is the highest cohort we have ever moderated at the same time and it’s believed to be more arts awards than Harrogate Theatre has ever achieved before in total.

Our classes take the form of three separate strands; Harrogate Youth Theatre, Harrogate Youth Singing and Harrogate Youth Playwrights. Each strand offers opportunities for children and young people to make new friends, build better confidence, work with theatre professionals, and above all have lots of fun.

Harrogate Youth Theatre offers classes broken down by age ranges 3-5, 5-7, 8-10, 11-14, and 15+. Each term presents a mix of workshops and performance allowing members to try out different theatre techniques, exploring creativity, and developing skills. Each group is given at least one formal performance opportunity a year either in the theatre's Studio space or in another venue.

Harrogate Youth Playwrights is for 12-18-year olds and explores different techniques and exercises for writing plays, asking questions such as what gives us inspiration, how can you structure a play and how do you create characters? These sessions are led by Henry Raby, a writer, poet, playwright and theatre-maker. 

Harrogate Youth Singing offer classes for 7-11-year-olds and 12-18-year olds. Singing a variety of musical theatre and contemporary pop, members sing as a group, with solos if they're feeling confident, and we also try out different performance ideas to bring each song to life.

All our classes are friendly and fun – we’re not aiming to creative tomorrow’s next TV stars, simply to engage young people in the pleasure derived from the arts and performance. This said, some of our young people do go on to prestigious drama schools, many continue with recreational arts activity and theatre, and others pursue a wide range of careers in the arts.    

We also run an annual Young Reviewers Scheme where we mentor the finest writing talent in the art of reviewing from our local secondary schools, and our popular work experience placements offer students in years 10 and above experience in all theatre departments.

We are currently accepting applications for new members in our Harrogate Youth Theatre 8-10s and 11-14 classes, in Harrogate Youth Playwrights, and Harrogate Youth Singers classes

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