We chatted to Unsung Collective!

Where did the inspiration for Unsung come from?

Originally we had intended to make a different show called 'The Revolutionists'. Acquiring the rights for this proved to be difficult but we still wanted to stage something with four interesting parts for female actors to get their teeth into. Our director Elvi then suggested we write our own but about local historical heroes, and as a result Unsung was born!

Tell us a little bit about the company working on the show?

Unsung Collective is made up of a team of likeminded wonder women from across Yorkshire. The team have been working on the show since 2017 and have all contributed to developing the show over the past coupe of years, bringing their passion and expertise, along with a whole host of wonderful historical women to the table. We are thrilled to have a local duo at the helm - the brilliant Elvi Piper as our director and the multi award-winning Lisa Holdsworth writing the script.

What Can the Harrogate Theatre audience expect on the night?

You can expect a show which is lively, relatable, inspiring and terrifically performed. It is important to us that the show is modern and relevant; Unsung is neither a history lesson, nor a historical drama, but an exciting piece of new writing that explores the very modern struggles of four women who made - or ought to have made - British history.

Unsung is coming to the Studio on THU 14 MAR and is also being featured for Theatre Club this season. After chatting to the company we can't wait to see the show.

Read more about the show here > https://www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk/whats-on/Unsung