Five ways you can support our Emergency Appeal

In addition to our announcement that the Safety Curtain will remain down at Harrogate Theatre until 2021, we are publishing a revised list of ways you can help support our Emergency Appeal in this time. 

We have never needed your support more than we do today.


Here are five ways you can help:


  1. Make a donation

You can do this online via this website.


  1. Buy tickets to our future shows

You can see what’s coming up and book online.


  1. Join our membership scheme

From just £30 you can join our exclusive pre-sales club and enjoy a range of other lovely perks.


  1. If we have to cancel or rearrange shows, please consider donating your ticket fee (or part of it)

The notification email you will receive will make it easy for you to choose which option you would like to take.


  1. Sponsor a Seat

We’re excited to be relaunching this popular scheme as a vital fundraiser in these challenging times. Here’s your chance to sponsor a seat in Harrogate Theatre’s wonderful 120-year-old auditorium and secure an invitation to an exclusive seat sponsor THANK YOU event in 2021. There are currently a limited number of seats available.


In addition, we have been recently been approached by a number of organisations that have been interested in fundraising for the theatre on our behalf. If this is something you or your team would like to do, we'd love you to get in touch! Please contact us at

Thank you and take care. We hope to see you very soon.