In conversation with Dapertutto Theatre...

We recently had Dapertutto Theatre rehearsing in the Studio for their upcoming show Lionman. We had a chat with them about how they make their shows from scratch.

Tell us a bit about Dapertutto Theatre?

Dapertutto Theatre primarily is a devising company creating new work in Manchester. We’re interested in presenting stories in a unique way, so our shows usually have minimal dialogue and lots of pre recorded audio and video, puppetry, physical sequences and everything in between.

What’s it like in the Dapertutto rehearsal room?

The Dapertutto rehearsal room is ever changing! We’re always developing our methods of creating work and experimenting with new techniques. Generally, we warm up, get all the set, props, costumes and music into the space, start with a vague idea of what we want and then play around until we find something interesting. It’s really about having fun creating stuff and then going back over and hammering in the detail and precision later.

Your show Lionman is coming to Harrogate during our Spring Season. What can the audience expect?

Expect a tragically funny story to be told in an interesting way, puppets, films, masks and some really precise physical theatre. And moustaches.

Lionman is at Harrogate Theatre on MON 2 MAR.