We need your support so we can continue to make a difference.

We all miss sharing in that special magic that theatre brings, both on our stages and beyond.

Over the next few months we are excited to share stories from our community of how theatre can inspire, delight and entertain.

We need your help so we can continue to make a difference. A donation to HT Together will allow us to keep playing our part as we prepare to return stronger than ever.  

Now we ask you to join us and together we will thrive again.

Here are FIVE ways YOU can support our work:  

  1. Make a donation via Text, Online or Phone 
  2. Call our Box Office and buy a Gift Voucher for a friend (or treat yourself!) 
  3. Join our membership scheme 
  4. Sponsor a Seat in our Auditorium 
  5. Share our Campaign 

Here’s what your donation could help us achieve:   

By making a donation of any size, your generosity supports our work with young people. 

By buying a gift voucher you are supporting your local theatre to re-open next year. 

By joining the membership scheme you get exclusive priority booking on our biggest shows and help us support new work from our Associate Artists.   

Sponsoring a seat in the auditorium is a unique gift and your generous donation supports us to exist beyond the auditorium walls.