A Reading From Our Associate Artists...

For World Mental Health Day our wonderful Associate Artists Forget About The Dog streamed a reading from their third show Good or Bad, Hard to Say. You can watch it HERE.

We chatted to them about the reading, what we can expect from their new show and how Zoom rehearsals are going. 

Can you tell us a bit about your new show Good or Bad, Hard to Say?

This will be Forget About The Dog's third show; our working title right now is Good or Bad, Hard to Say. This show will follow one non-descript character who is naive and inexperienced. They are trying to understand what life means to them. The show will highlight ideas of the everyday experiences of humans, the distractions of life and overcoming obstacles. Pretty much from the beginning of this process only two things were decided, firstly, we wanted to create a show that shines a light on happiness and what it means to be happy and secondly we wanted puppetry to take the forefront, with our central character being a puppet. We have explored the theme a lot and devised different ways of showing that theme. This show has taken a lot of different forms to get to where it is now and we're exciting to share it with audiences.

How is development of the show going and how is Harrogate Theatre helping you with this?

Due to the lockdown restrictions it's made it hard to get it all on its feet, but Zoom has been a massive help with keeping us all in touch. That said, a lot of the script has been written and we are in the middle of knitting it together. Harrogate Theatre has been such a massive support for us not only this year, but for the last few years providing us with much needed rehearsal space and touring advice from their wonderful staff. We are so excited to be working with Harrogate Theatre as Associate Artists and the commission they have provided means so much to us and will enable us to progress not only our work, but our theatre company. With this commission will be exploring elements of our work that we’ve not previously been able to do, and push ourselves in the style we have already created.

Will it be the same style as your previous work or are you looking to develop that through the project? How has the pandemic changed how your developing the show - zoom rehearsals etc?!

So far in our previous shows we have explored varied ideas of mental health, relationships and imagination, which is something we will be carrying into this show. Also, our bold and energetic style of work is something our audiences have really engaged with, so along with our usual mix of physical theatre, comedy and puppetry you will see a few new skills or styles thrown in there. It has been difficult at times, rehearsal-wise, over the last few months, as we are very much a group of hands-on devisors who thrive on being in the room together, bouncing off each other and chopping and changing ideas constantly. We have still managed to push forward with our work and hopefully we'll be back in the room together, socially distanced and getting our show up on it's feet in the near future