We continue to face huge challenges ahead

Unsurprisingly theatres come right at the end of the new Government roadmap. In a nutshell the reopening of hospitality and leisure spaces sits within step three, which will come into play no earlier than 4th July, with the commencement of each new step depending entirely on the outcomes of the previous. 

At Harrogate Theatre we have now updated ou Read More

Coronavirus & Harrogate Theatre

UPDATE: 12.05.20

As we continue to monitor the UK Government updates and advice, Harrogate Theatre will now be closed until at least early July 2020. This will be reassessed again inline with the next government review and we will update this statement again then.

If you have a ticket for a performance during this period, please b Read More

We are amazed at the resilience of people and our communities.

As we continue to track the current situation, many of those I’ve spoken to have found this last week one of the hardest. We are now deep into the lockdown and closure period, and yet as of today none of us have any definite answers.

I’m sending you my best wishes if your own feelings mirror these. – keep going. There’s no doubt we face on going challenges – and perhaps some of our bigg Read More

The latest on our Emergency Appeal...

Five weeks into our Emergency Appeal Campaign and we have welcomed just over £27,000* in donations. Within that figure we’ve now signed up over 100 new White Rose Members and a few of you have now taken up the opportunity to Sponsor a Seat in our main auditorium. The support we are receiving is incredible. Each day feels like an uphill battle Read More

Four weeks into our Emergency Appeal Campaign

We are now four weeks into our Emergency Appeal Campaign and we have welcomed just over £20,000 from individual donors. This figure includes an army of 89 new White Rose Members – a scheme that was reviewed this time last year and offers some brilliant perks including the very popular priority booking.

Our doors remain closed and we continu Read More