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600 People

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29th October 2019

Stand-up meets astrophysics
Simple show about big ideas
An hour with one of the UKs most engaging storytellers
Will quite possibly change how you understand our place in the world and what it means to be human!

We step out of our solar system, into the universe, seeking only peace and friendship…”
So says the message from the human race on the Voyager spacecraft. But is there, y’know, anyone out there? I really wanted to know, so I went to speak to an astrophysicist to find out.
This is what I found out: stellar wobble. The mirror test. The Drake Equation. Fermi’s Paradox. The enhanced human and murderous dolphins.
Somewhere between stand-up comedy and an astrophysics lecture, Third Angel brings you a simple show about huge ideas: the story of how a three-hour conversation with an astrophysicist changed the way Alex understands the way the Universe works.
600 People explores how we think about evolution and intelligence, belief communication and space travel. A show that explores the stories we tell in order to understand our place in the cosmos. A show that asks if there are extra terrestrials in our galaxy. A show that asks what it means to be human.
We said they were big ideas…

Written and performed by Alexander Kelly
Inspired by conversations, and in collaboration, with Dr Simon Goodwin
Directed by Rachael Walton
Daniel Fletcher · Print design and show visuals
Nathaniel Warnes · Animation
Hilary Foster · Executive Producer

Dates and Times

19:30 Tuesday, 29 October 2019 Book now
Show Dates and times

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019