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13th November 2020

Donna Rutherford has always written in a lyrical, earthy way on family, ageing and what it is to be human. Lullaby, which follows on from her previous works KIN and Broth focuses on an arguably more taboo subject- that of middle-aged women who are without children.

As the film plays, Rutherford has cheekily provided jelly babies for the audience to munch. This sets the tone for all of the inherent contradictions of the piece- sweet, humorous, but with bite. Using a selection of voices, while narrating her own experiences live, Rutherford examines the impact on women, who through choice or circumstance have found themselves without a family. The film and live performance explores the personal and public aspects of this emotionally loaded terrain. Fair Isle musician Inge Thomson has created an intricate soundscape of voices and music based on a series of lullabies (traditional and newly-penned).

Lullabies are a space to sing the unsung, a place to say the unsayable. You’re alone. Nobody is listening, and you can express the feelings that are not okay to express in society.

"Lullaby is an even-handed yet powerful and brave paean to womanhood, feminism and choice - sweet, humorous, but with bite"
Review from The Tempohouse - Lorna Irvine - 2017

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Age recommendation: 14+

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19:30 Friday, 13 November 2020 Book now
Show Dates and times

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Friday, 13 November 2020