Poetry Course September 2017 Couplings and Couplets

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18th September 2017

Harrogate Theatre

Our reading of a poet can be illumintaed by setting it alongside that of a contemporary or another poet exploring similar themes.

In this course we shall look at the work of pairs of major poets and in some instances contemporary prose writers.

Examples would be;

Medievalists - Chaucer and Spencer together with Malory's Mort d'Arthur

Love Poets - Shakespeare and Donne together with related passages from Shalespear's plays.

Versions of romaticism - Coleridge and Worsworth together with Lamb and de Quincey essays.

The revival of medievalism - Ketas and Tennyson together with Keat's letters.

'Difficult' poetry - Hopkins and Browning together with Hopkins's letters.

'Englishness' - Edward Thomas and the Georgians.

Responses to war - Owen and Sassoon together with David Jones's In Parenthesis.

Disillusioned romantics - Hardy and Larkin together with Larkin's essays.

As with previous courses, half of each session will offer the opportunity for contributions from course memebers.

Wherever possible the course will take place in the Circle Bar at Harrogate Theatre on ten concescutive Monday afternoons.

10 weeks £60.00

If you book online there will be a £1.75 transaction charge added at the end of your order. Order from as many shows as you like in one transaction and pay only £1.75.

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Monday, 18 September 2017