About Us

Harrogate Theatre was built in 1900 and is located in central Harrogate.  It has two performance spaces (one mid-scale and one studio), which allow for producing and presenting theatre, dance, music and comedy. The organisation runs a vibrant education and outreach department that delivers throughout the District.

The Theatre has undergone considerable artistic development in the past 10 years that has seen the organisation establish itself as a significant influence in the region, with a growing national profile.  As well as producing an annual pantomime and a repertory company, the theatre supports artists to make their own work.  Recent supported artists include Adam Robinson, Forget About The Dog, Rachael Halliwell, King Brilliant, Levantes Dance and Square Peg Theatre.

“This theatre is doing more than punching above its weight, it has adopted a striking new profile.” – The Stage

Since 2012 the Trust has acquired programming responsibilities for the Royal Hall (a Victorian music hall) and in 2014 the Harrogate Convention Centre (a modern arena), allowing for internationally renowned companies and artists to be part of the eclectic artistic programme.

Our Board of Directors

Deborah Larwood – Chair

Mike Newby – Vice Chair

Vicky Ackroyd

Matthew Hill

Fiona Hunt

Cllr. Graham Swift

Cllr. Alex Raubitschek

Sandra Wiggins

Stuart Wright


Getting to Harrogate

The convenient town centre location of our venues means it can get busy, so make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey.

Harrogate is well served by public transport. We are a short walk from Harrogate Train Station and Bus Station, both located in the town centre.



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