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September 27, 2021

Harrogate Youth Theatre is BACK!

Young actor on stage presenting hand in front of them with other children behind

Autumn has officially arrived and with it Harrogate Youth Theatre (HYT) returns to share the joy of creating and telling stories together. We sat down for a hot chocolate (she doesn’t do caffeine!) with the Director of Creative Engagement, Hannah Draper, to find out what HYT has been up to over the last year and what exciting projects are coming up.

How has the last year of HYT been? It must have been tricky in lockdown. 

Our Youth Theatre members were outstanding. They created video projects over Zoom, audio walks and we recorded socially distanced performances. All of that was fantastic but we know we like to create best when we’re all in the room together and that’s what we’re so excited for this term.

So what will the youngest members of Harrogate Youth Theatre be doing this term?

Our Saturday 5-7 years sessions are brilliant fun. Each week this term they are going to become different characters as they are introduced to stage skills through play and lots of varied stories. We know lots of this age group won’t have experienced drama clubs before and parents and guardians might not be sure if it’s for them. I’d say if your child likes role play at home or enjoys making up stories with their toys then it’s worth booking a free taster session with us to give it a go.

And what about at the other end of the scale, the 15+?

The genius of our 15+ is probably what has kept me at Harrogate Theatre for so long! They are the most fearless performers. After the range of digital projects over lockdown we’re thrilled to be starting rehearsals for scripted performances in the Main House. Our group sizes are a maximum of 15 and we work as an ensemble so everyone is involved as much as possible.

How can we sign up?

It’s really straightforward. All you need to do is download a registration form via our website HERE and email it to [email protected]. If you’d like a free taster session let us know when you send the email. We’ll then get in touch as soon as there is a space available. We’ve got limited spaces in the 5-7s and 15+ to start w/c 4 October so you could be joining the fun very soon!

Watch the HYT Time Capsule created over Zoom here.

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