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March 4, 2021

Our Theatre In Miniature…

Miniature version of the entrance to Harrogate Theatre

Award-winning local designer Caitlin Mawhinney has created this intricate scale model of the frontage of Harrogate Theatre!

This immaculate model has an incredible attention to detail and an amazing likeness to our beautiful Victorian building. You’ll even spot a passer-by and the intricate coloured glass and wrought ironwork on the canopy!

Caitlin, who has designed multiple shows in our Studio Theatre said:

“I’ve worked multiple times with Harrogate Theatre and they’ve really been a part of my life ever since i was little…So when I saw that they launched their Emergency Appeal I really wanted to be able to help and find a way that I could fundraise for them and this is what i came up with…It’s taken me a couple of months to make alongside other work so it is a bit of a labour of love and I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end. I’ll be really happy to hand it over to someone so that it can bring as much joy to them as it brings to me.”

This 1:25 scale model is an absolute one of a kind and a must have for any lover of Harrogate Theatre.

Click HERE to head over to Raffall to be in with a chance of winning the model.

All proceeds go towards the HT Together campaign to support the future of the theatre.

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