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April 11, 2022

REP is BACK for 2022!

Banner for REP is BACK for 2022!

HT Rep is back for 2022
Three plays, Three weeks, One cast
TUE 13 SEP – SAT 01 OCT 

“This 20th century theatrical phenomenon may have just found a new place in the 21st century thanks to Harrogate Theatre.” – Harrogate Advertiser 

“A smart idea and already a favourite with audiences.” – Review Hub 

We are delighted to re-announce that Harrogate Theatre, in partnership with Phil&Ben Productions will be bringing repertory theatre back this September, thrilling audiences with another three
back-to-back classic dramas over a three-week period with one cast.

Traditionally, a repertory theatre company is a group of actors who perform a small number of plays for just a few weeks at a time, and there’s a strong history of repertory at Harrogate Theatre. The theatre operated as a touring venue up to the early 1930s when the growing popularity of cinema and radio saw a decline in theatre audiences. As an answer to the problem, William Peacock, the theatre’s Managing Director at the time, formed a repertory company, The White Rose Players (one of the first weekly rep companies in the country), and the theatre became a producing venue. The White Rose Players performed around 45 plays a year and continued through to the mid 1950s.  

In Autumn 2018 we brought repertory theatre back working in partnership with our friends at Phil&Ben Productions, Phil Stewart and Ben Roddy. You may recognise Phil as a regular in our
much-loved panto.

After HT Rep’s most recent success in 2019 with ‘On The Piste’, ‘Deathtrap’ and ‘The 39 Steps’ we are delighted to be able to re-introduce the brilliant titles that were delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic.  

Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh
TUE 13 – SAT 17 SEP 
Fancy joining us for a few drinks at Beverley and Lawrence’s house? 

They’ve invited the new neighbours round, and divorced Sue from down the street is coming along while her teenage daughter Abigail has a bit of a birthday party at home. Bev is ready to dance the night away, and Lawrence is ready to drink it away. 

Abigail’s Party is a funny and nostalgic look back at the trials, tribulations and aspirations of married life in the seventies. Written by BAFTA Award Winner Mike Leigh in collaboration with the original cast, Abigail’s Party was a roaring sensation when it first aired on the BBC in 1977.   

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton 
TUE 20 – SAT 24 SEP 
It’s London in 1880. Bella Manningham is well off with a nice home and servants – yet she’s lonely. She lives far from her family with her husband, Jack, who is stern and overbearing.  Strange things keep happening, too. Things keep going missing and then turning up again, and Bella thinks she’s hearing noises. Or is she? Before long she feels she may be losing her mind. 

Gaslight is a psychological thriller so well known, it gave rise to the term ‘gaslighting’ used today in British law. 

Men of the World by John Godber
TUE 27 – SAT 01 SEP
Preparing for a mystery trip to Scarborough Stick, Larry and Frank, a trio of northern coach drivers, take a trip down memory lane. Hop aboard Men of the World, a John Godber classic bursting with compassion, nostalgia and humour.

Get 20% off when you book all 3 shows. Tickets are on sale and can be bought from our website or by calling or visiting our Box Office on Oxford Street. 

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