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Health & Safety Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to familiarise in-house production staff with the Safe Working Practices that are to be followed in the Theatre. Whilst it can never be totally comprehensive, these guidelines – if followed correctly – will safeguard against predictable accidents and hazards.

Please remember that if you decide to take a risk, you not only put yourself in danger, you may also threaten the livelihood of the Theatre. A substantial amount of damage to staff, the building and stock may occur. Please think about the implications of your actions.

You are asked to sign the back page of the booklet to show the Theatre that you have read and understood its contents and agree to follow the principles herein. If you are unhappy with any aspect, you must let us know immediately.

If you have any queries or questions in the meantime – please ask.

-Maurice Stewart, Head of Production

Download the full guideline document