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House Rules

Low shot of theatre with levels and ceiling


On arriving at the Theatre, you must make a member of staff aware of your presence and sign in; you must also sign out when you leave the building. The signing in book is in the foyer.

Amateur societies should use the signing in sheet we provide for you.

All visitors should obtain and read a copy of the H&S guidelines and fire evacuation policy. Please do not leave the building by any of the fire exits except in an emergency or when specifically instructed to do so.

The fire doors are alarmed.

Please do not invite guests backstage without first asking the duty Stage Technician.

Smoking & Alcohol

Harrogate Theatre is a no smoking or vaping building; this means no smoking or vaping at all, even with your head out of a dressing room window!

Harrogate Theatre operates a no alcohol policy. This means that alcohol must not be consumed by anybody involved in a performance (cast or crew) prior to or during rehearsals, technical work, or performances. Alcohol is not permitted backstage at any time. Anybody found in breach of this rule will be asked to leave the building.

Dressing rooms

Please be aware the mirror lights in the dressing rooms can become very hot, do not touch them, stick anything to them or hang anything over them. If you need a bulb changing, please ask a member of the electrics department to help you. If you bring any electrical equipment with you such as hairdryers, heaters, or anything with a plug on, it must be checked by our electrician before use. Failure to do so can result in it being removed from the building.

Performers should not cross the stage when the house is open or go into any public areas in costume unless this is part of the directed action.

The backstage areas will be closed, and lights turned off when the production staff leave for the day. Front of house staff cannot allow you to go backstage if you have forgotten something.

Man on stage in costume holding his hands in the air with a scroll

Mobile phones etc

When the house is open, please turn off mobile phones in the auditorium & backstage areas. Technical staff may ask you to refrain from using your phone whilst they are working as the distraction caused by a mobile phone conversation can cause an accident and also interfere with sound equipment.

Group performing Cinderella on stage


When on stage please follow any instructions given by in house staff, they will normally be for your safety.

We do not allow any unsupervised children on stage or in backstage areas. If you bring children into the theatre, you must accept responsibility for them and provide chaperones in accordance with child protection law.

All corridors and stairways are to be kept clear at all times. In the under-stage area, a clear walkway of 1.5 metres width must be left at all times.

Please don’t wedge open any doors in the backstage area.

If your performance requires naked flames or pyrotechnics, please advise us in advance as we are legally obliged to inform the fire officer.

You may use PVC tape for stage marking, and gaffa for cables, but no gaffa on stage please as it pulls up the paint on removal causing the need to repaint the entire stage.

Fly floor

Nobody is allowed on the fly floor without permission from the duty Stage Technician.

Green Room

The green room is there for the convenience of all theatre staff and visitors please respect other people’s right to use it and leave it tidy when you have finished. We don’t employ a tidy up fairy!

The onstage kitchen is for the preparation of food and drink used in shows; however, it is also used by our in-house technicians for breaks when they are working on stage. Any refreshments in the kitchen belong to the staff, not the Theatre so please don’t help yourself.

Multiple prosecco glasses lined up on the bar

Video and recording

We are happy for you to video or record your show providing you have the rights to do so and you give us advance notice of any equipment you intend to bring in so space can be reserved for this. Your appointed video company or technician should contact our technicians to arrange power and feeds as required. If you just turn up, you may be refused permission to record.

The back row of seats in theatre


Please treat the auditorium with respect. We do not allow feet on seats or any furniture. If you need to run any cables in the auditorium, please seek assistance from our technicians.

No unauthorised persons should touch any technical equipment. If you need something doing or feel that something is wrong, please ask.


We have a no dogs policy, unless they are registered assistance dogs, as required as part of the theatres access policy. If you have animals as part of your production, we must be notified as soon as possible.