New show a must for theatre-going food-lovers

This May Harrogate Theatre brings the fabulous Best of BE Festival back to the town, and it’s an absolute must for theatre-going food-lovers. Here is an evening of boundary smashing European performance and fine Yorkshire fodder in the shape of three short shows punctuated by a fish & chip supper and a drink - all included in the ticket price and all under one roof.

Each year Birmingham's genre-bending European arts festival – BE FESTIVAL - takes to the road and shines a light on the continent's diverse and emerging talent in theatre, dance and performance art.

BE FESTIVAL shakes up the idea of conventional theatre by crossing borders, disciplines and blurring traditional boundaries between audience and artist. The annual summer festival invites European performers to perform at Birmingham REP, and celebrates European culture and community.

Here’s Harrogate’s chance to experience the highlights of the 2016 festival with three exceptional shows from Italy, Germany & Switzerland each lasting 30 minutes.

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In summary, the 2017 Best of BE shows are:

Vacuum (Switzerland)

Cie Philippe Saire

A transcendental performance created by Philippe Saire, one of Europe’s leading exponents of experimental choreography where movement and visual arts converge and bodies weave through black holes and shards of dazzling light. The slo-mo optical canvas mesmerises as two male forms float through a vacuum created in space.

Situation with Outstretched Arm (Germany)

Oliver Zahn

The saluto Romano, the olympic salute, the Bellamy Salute or in its most common form, the Hitler Salute. One of the most powerful and violent symbols of the twentieth century is re-contextualised on stage through physical performance and essay. The German production takes a unique cross-disciplined approach to a controversial subject, one that has re-emerged across Europe in extremist organisations.

Overload (Italy)


Overload is a fast paced and explosive physical theatre performance by four Italians intent on dissecting the noisy interruptions that bombard our day to day lives. Through a witty narrative, the show jumps from one distraction to another analysing the feelings triggered by something ending prematurely and our perpetual sense of confusion. Sotterraneo are a multi-award winning theatre collective.


All three shows will take place in Harrogate Theatre’s intimate Studio space, and during an extended interval the audience will be served some of the finest fish & chips in Yorkshire.

Associate Producer at Harrogate Theatre, Emma McDowell, says the concept of including food in something like a theatre show has an interesting effect: 

“So often audiences arrive and then leave, and they’ve shared this experience but not once engaged with each other over it. The ethos of BE is all about community, and there is no better way to create that sense of togetherness than bringing people together over food. Eating together is usually an intimate social practice shared with friends or family. Yet when strangers meet one another, talk about the food and what they have just watched and plenty more besides… all of a sudden their own experience becomes 3-dimensional and their overall enjoyment is heightened. It’s wonderful to see the warmth it creates in the room”

Best of BE is at Harrogate Theatre on Monday 8 May. Tickets are £20 including 3 shows, a fish & chip supper, and a drink (£15 for the shows only). Visit or 01423 502 116.