Mobile - Thought provoking and immersive performance that pushes the boundaries of theatre.

Co-commissioned by Live Theatre and The Marlowe Theatre,

An ordinary looking caravan. An extraordinary experience. A treasure trove of magical theatre and digital wizardry.

After their successful run of Thirsty at Harrogate Theatre in 2012, The Paper Birds are back with their site-specific production of Mobile.

Exploring our sense of home, belonging, aspiration, and the realities of social mobility, Mobile is an intimate 40-minute theatre show set in a caravan in Harrogate town centre, based on interviews conducted in communities across the UK.

Powerful true stories and dreams for the future are revealed through video projection, recorded interviews, original music and interactions with a performer.

We are taught from a young age to aim high, to reach for the stars, to want more, more than our parents, more than the generations before us, to climb the social ladder. But as we surge forward, as we grapple for university places and promotions, what are we leaving behind? And from our ladder in the stars, if we look back, what do we see?

Step into our mobile home, a familiar place, of childhood songs and family portraits, where the wallpaper projects faded memories. A magical place where the radio sings lullabies and inanimate objects live and breathe. A place where we remember who we are and where we have come from, as we shape who we want to be.


 “Mobile neatly turns the caravan into a magic box where every cupboard and drawer springs a surprise” The Guardian

 ★★★★Transfixed by surreal audio visuals and utterly welcomed into what feels like a deep and personal journey” The Review Hub

 Deeply moving, profoundly stirring” A Younger Theatre

 'a thoughtful enquiry into the British class system' Exeunt

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Mobile is on from the 19th - 22nd October.. See the webpage for the various show times.