The Story of You've Got Dragons

Ben is a girl with a bad case of dragons. She doesn’t know where they have come from or why they have chosen her, but they’re here and she has got to find a way to deal with them.

Ben’s dragons follow her to school, to the park they are even there when she tries to go to sleep at night. Her dragons cause her all sorts of problems; they distract her, get her into trouble and sometimes even frighten her. Ben’s tummy feels swirly, she gets goosebumps and her head hurts. Her hands shake, and she can’t stop herself getting cross with her Dad.

Ben tries everything to get rid of her dragons; she ignores them, pretends they aren’t really dragons, tries to run away from them, even tells them off, but none of this works. Instead she has to learn to live with her dragons, to respect them and to listen to them, and soon even becomes a World Dragon Expert!


You've Got Dragons comes to Harrogate Theatre this Easter.  With shows on Thu 5 - Sat 7 April - click here to book.