Emergency Appeal: How You Can Help

As a charity with very little grant funding we rely on a steady cash flow from year-round shows and we work to excruciatingly tight-knit budgets. As we now face unavoidable cancellations, we also face a very uncertain future.

We know we are by far from the only organisation to work this way, and to now be fearing the worst - particularly within the arts.

For 120 years we have brought significant money into our local economy and we have brought sustained joy to this town - to our communities. We’ve also brought huge names to Harrogate and we’ve drawn visitors from far and wide. We’ve inspired thousands of local young people, and we’ve helped hundreds of brilliant creative people to realise their own ambition in making and mobilising new work.

And now we’re levelling with you – we have never needed your support more than we do today.

None of us are entirely sure what the next few weeks and months hold, but the one thing we know is that when all the dust has settled, we want to still be here to bring that joy that everyone will so desperately need.

Please – if you are able – consider supporting us today. We want to keep bringing the joy for generations to come.

Here are five ways you can help:

1. Make a donation

You can do this online via this website

2. Buy tickets to our autumn/ winter shows

You can see what’s coming up and book online

We have our third season of HT Rep in September, the 12th annual Harrogate Comedy Festival in October, and our award-winning pantomime is Cinderella for 2020.

3. Join our membership scheme

From just £30 you can join our exclusive pre-sales club and enjoy a range of other lovely perks.

4. If we have to cancel or rearrange shows, please consider donating your ticket fee (or part of it)

The notification email you will receive will make it easy for you to choose which option you would like to take.

5. Sponsor a Seat

We’re excited to be relaunching this popular scheme as a vital fundraiser in these challenging times.

Here’s your chance to sponsor a seat in Harrogate Theatre’s wonderful 120-year-old auditorium and secure an invitation to an exclusive seat sponsor THANK YOU event in autumn/ winter 2020. There are currently a limited number of seats available.

6. Help us spread the word about our emergency appeal

In addition, we urge you to continue supporting other cultural activity and spending with our other local businesses as much as you can.

We absolutely adore this wonderful town and by pulling together we believe we can face anything.

Thank you and take care. We hope to see you very soon.